The package is awesome, we have everything to assist you from the begining to the end of your distribution journey! It's hassle free!


While being able to distribute your packages for free using our platform we offer you the amazing opportunity to sell your content using the best methods like Mobile Money!


We have the data! You would be able to follow up with those who purchase your package. We also promote your package to all our users!

Secure Distribution

We distribute packages to users via User Accounts and Access Links which are temporal, secure and easy to replace when users do not have accounts.

Customer Support

We are by the people who matter to you the most! Making sure they have the best experience getting your package

Technical Support

We offer you the technical counseling on how to go about using technology for content distribution in Cameroon and abroad.


Our system is fast and efficient! It's as fast as a beep on your phone indicating a user just purchased your package


You package shall forever be available online and digitally at your will! Your data is safe and our backups are regular.

How It Works

It's extremely easy!

Sign Up or Call Us!

Start by getting your content creator account!

Upload Your Content

Once you have your account, upload you content specify prefered method of digital distribution.

Publish and start earning

Yeah! That's it! Extremely easy!

Frequently Ask Questions

Having any doubts?

How do I get my money?

We just need your mobile money number! Your phone phone would beep for every sale! Awesome right?

Can I use my website?

Absolutely! We provided embed codes that can be seemlessly integrated with any website.

What if I don't have a website?

Bother not! Every published packaged has a unique link through which users can always access your content!

How is the content delivered?

You choose! Via email? Mobile App? or User Account Access?

Can I see the list of people buying my content?

We have every data logged and waiting for you in your account!!

Can I promote my content?

Oh yes! Thousands of Cameroonians use our platform and we are leveraging that!


We are serving the biggest brands in the country!

If you have inqueries please call us 677777303 / 681104875