Pricing Plans

Accounts are FREE. Uploading packages for sale and every associated assistance needed during the process is FREE. However we charge on sales (commission), which is 20% for all transactions. Otherwise we offer Jokwit Distro Premium (our premium rank for artists) for a fixed subscription fee. We don't collect commisions on premium accounts.

Benefits of Jokwit Distro Premium

Apart from the fact that as a premium account holder you receive the full amount of your sale transactions, you are equally entitled to our promotion expertise (on our social media pages and our database of users) along side a very huge spectrum of advantages spanning through free art work designs, advert videos and spotlight on our winning draw campaigns.


Yes, the revenue share on sales drops from 20% to 15% as soon as you reach XAF1,000,000 in sales (this rate does not change, provided you’ve made at least XAF1, 000,000 in the past 12 months).

Payment Frequency

For the best interests of our refund policy, we require a minimum of 3 days for processing before artists can receive their payments. However, you shall always be notified immediately through email for ever purchase which occurs on your product. This information will also be available no your tracking dashboard for your follow up and our accountability. For example, if you make a sale on our platform, you will immediately receive an email notifying you of the transaction as well. Your money will then be delivered to your mobile money account (using the number you provide) after at least 3 days of processing.

Are Proccessing Fees Involved?

No, processing fees are not included. Full eligible payments are delivered into your mobile money directly without any proccesing charges deducted.

We want our pricing to be as clear as possible. If any of the above doesn’t make sense, please get in touch. We’ll happily answer your questions and use them to keep improving this page.